César & Luz Quiroz – (Avant)

César & Luz Quiroz – (Avant)

 Priscila, Rebeca, Josuè

The Quiroz family head up church planting in Spain.

OUR mission: HIS church

More than 2 billion people still need to hear the gospel.

Since 1892 Avant Ministries has focused on planting and developing the church in the unreached areas of the world.

Through church planting, church support ministries, media, education, camp and business, we hope to establish churches among the unreached: mature, nationally-led churches that desire to plant more churches, first in their own city, and then all over the world.

Avant trains, sends and serves missionaries in over 30 countries globally.

*Avant defines “unreached” as places where less than two percent of the population is evangelical Christian.

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