Joseph & Marthe Camara (Avant)

Joseph & Marthe Camara (Avant)

Joseph & Marthe Camara (Avant)

Abraham, Djan Emanuel & Kyria

Joseph is the President of the Evangelical Protestant Church of Mali, Africa. The family serves to train pastors and lay-leaders both in formal resident Bible schools and non-traditional educational models. More church leaders are vital as the Mali church continues to grow.

In addition to leadership development and teaching, they do a lot with the various local FM radio stations. They have regular radio programs on four different local FM stations here in the Bougouni area where they live. Also, they have a weekly TV program on national Malian television. This media is helping transform a nation!

February, 2017 Update:

Hello friends at Avondale and Dennis & Cindy, thank you so much for this opportunity to be involved in the Avondale mission weekend. Dennis, my Skype credentials are listed in the footer of this email.

Click here to view my greeting to the Avondale church family.

Click here to view my greeting to Dennis & Cindy Wiens.

Thank you,
Joseph Soriba Camara