Please let us introduce you to the missionaries we support. This site is constantly updated, so come back frequently to view newly received information. Have fun getting to know these servants of our Lord! Each link below will take you to their own page.

Barcus (Missouri) AVANT retirees

Calvary Bible College (Missouri)

Camara (Mali, West Africa) AVANT

Culberson (Kansas-Missouri) AWANA

El Youssi (Spain) World Venture

Hayden (Brazil & Missouri) BGFM

Juett (Texas) AVANT

Lehrman (Brazil) BGFM

Penner (South Africa) Crossworld

Peterson (Brazil) Word of Life

Quiroz (Spain) AVANT

Ryal (Nicaragua) ABWE

Sandiford (Nebraska) AVANT retirees

Straubel (Minnesota) OHF

Wiens, B (Alaska) AVANT

Wiens, D & C (Middle East & North Africa) Sat 7